Metal Gasket


- Ring Joint Gasket is applicable for high temperature and high pressure applications.

- Commonly used in refining and petrol chemical industries.

- Commonly in two types, oval and octagonal. The gasket may be used under a pressure up to 6250LBS(4300BAR)in accordance with pressure classification of ASME/ANSI B16.5 AND 5000LBS(344BAR) in accordance with pressure classification of API 6A


- Corrugated Metal Gasket consists of a corrugated stainless steel core with graphite layer on both sides.

- The structure and the precise design of the thickness and density of the graphite layer can ensure that a wave crest overlap of 0.1~0.2mm is guaranteed intense condition during standard compression resulting in very small diffusion cross section.

- The optimized design can improve the blow out resistance performance and improve the working stability of the gasket, and the unevennes of the flange Sealing surface can be precisely compensated.

- The gasket may provide excellent sealing performance under low surface stress.


- O-Ring Gaskets are metal O-ring seals, elastomers and other non-metallic seals are generally applied as a result of temperature pressures or the environment.

- Metal O-ring seals are typically made from tubing made of high temperature alloys such as stainless steel or Inconel.

- This material is often used because it provides elastic properties that allow the springback to be sealed.

- It is a gasket that can be used on complex surface conditions with a low load load, and exhibits excellent performance in high temperature, high pressure, and high vacuum.