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Gaskets, Valves For Offshore, Onshore, and Industry

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Best Partner for Gasket and Valve System

FOS MNE is member of FOS International and manufacturing and OEM, ODM for Offshore, Onshore and industry gaskets and valves.

We produce copper and copper alloy casting products which are considered to be the best products based on experties techonology.

We will do our best to provide better products and giving satisfaction with our products

  - Valves: Bronze Casting, Cast Steen and Iron, Special alloy etc

  - Gaskets: O-Ring, Seals, Gaskets with various material etc


- Producing Onshore and general industry Valve and Gasket

  1. General Valve

  2. Water and Sewage Valve

  3. Gas Valve

  4. Gaskets


- Producing offshore and onshore Valve and Gasket

  1. DIN Valve

  2. Bronze Casting Valve

  3. Cast Iron Valve

  4. Gaskets


- We are always looking for local distributor or dealer. Please contact to us. We always welcome your contact.




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