Non Meteal/Semi Metal/Metal/Rubber Gasket


- Material: Natural Fibers, mineral fibers + NBR binder

- Characteristic: A low-parameter sheet is used in most industries, recommended mostly for supply and sewage mains.

Graphite Sheet & Gasket

- Material: Pure Graphit Film, Stainless steel

- Characteristic: Graphite sheet gasket have good adhesion with flange. These are good to sealing performance even in the lower whole surface stress, and no material change depending on temperature change

spiral wound gasket

- Material: Graphite, PTFE, Mica, Kammprofile

- Type: Inner Ring Material, Hoop Material, Outer Ring Material

Double Jacketed Gasket

- Material: S.T Steel, Nonferrous, Carbon Steel

- Characteristic: With Non-Asbestos Sheet, Graphite, PTFE and cushion as center, covering them with thin plate of Metal or nonferrous metal. So, Double Jacket Gasket performance excellent seal characteristic with metal heat resistance and cushion materials properties complex.

Ring Joint Gasket

- Application: Petrochemical industry, Electric power, Shipbuilding industry, Chemical plant, Valve bonnet, etc.

- Characteristic: Ring Joint Gaskets are precision-engineered metal ring gasket. They are used in chemical plant, offshore and petrochemical industries. When the select on RTJ material

Metal O-Ring Gasket

- Application: Lubricating Oil, Hydraulic Fluid, Fuel, Molten Plastic,Molten Rubber, Steam, Hot water, etc

- Characteristic: O - Ring is a unique gasket which the metal tube is vent in a circular or other shape and welded precisely. It is able to apply in various cross section


- Characteristic: All the Material is avaible.NBR.CR.EPDM.VITON.SILICON.SBR.Cloth Insert.


- Material: Nitrile, Viton, Silicon, EPDM, Neoprene etc

- Characteristic: O-rings are designed to be a seated in a groove and compressed during assembly between two or more parts, creating a seal at the interface

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